Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Party

As I went to school my teacher said, "We are going to have a party. But first you have to sign a permission form." We all yield, "Yes ma'am." When I got home I asked my mom to sign the permission form. The next day my teacher made sure all of the moms or dads had signed the permission forms when the children brought them back. Then we all went on the trip to Pump It Up. I have never went before! All my friends said that it is very fun. We were there for a few hours which felt like just a few minutes. I think it was because we had WAY too much fun there. Hopefully I get to go another time and have even more fun and actually feel like I was there longer than a few minutes.

The day went by fast but the memories have just begun.


Lucy, the Amazing Maltipoo said...

Wow. That sounds like so much fun!!!!

Fay said...

I had no idea you were such an incredible writer! And your title is just perfect. Did you have help with that or is it your idea.
I will be looking forward to hearing more of what is happening with you.
Thank you for sharing.
Love you G.Ma