Thursday, August 4, 2011

My New Bike

  One day after I had ridden my bike I went inside and I told my mom my chain kept falling off. " I need a new bike! " My mom said we will by a new one soon. The day after that I went to my Aunt's house and I told her the same thing I told to my mom. She said we could go look for bikes at Goodwill's. When we got to the first Goodwill there were bikes but not good ones. The next Goodwill we went to we found a bike.
 My bike was a Motorcross wannabe.It only cost $50! Me and my friend were riding it and my friend decided to try to do a stoppie. ( use the brakes and the back tire came up.)That bike is really fun to ride on. I will always be glad that she bought me that bike

The day has ended but the memories have just begun.